Tom Rice

Tom Rice
This Galaxy Tribute Fund was opened, to show our beautiful son, Tom Rice, how proud we all are
of him.
Tom was born on 2nd November 2013 and the first ten days of his life were just so exciting. Then we got
the phone call to inform us that Tom has MCADD and that this condition was picked up from the
Newborn Screening Test – this came as a huge shock.
Initially, this proved difficult for Tom, as he also had silent reflux and was very difficult to feed.
In Tom’s early days, we had many milk changes and hospital admissions, due to different bugs,
and we, as a couple, were taught how to feed Tom via an ng tube at home.
Tom had up to seven admissions in his first 14 months where he was so strong and brave.
Tom is now 18 months old and doing great. Tom and his big brother, Joe, are best
friends – Joe is four and a half years old and has already become very protective of Tom!!!
It took me a long time to be able to contact Metabolic Support UK. I suppose I knew when I did this it would
all become “real”…
I can now say I am so glad I did contact Metabolic Support UK – they are a wonderful charity and have
provided so much information and support to Noel and myself.
We hope, as a family, that opening this Galaxy Tribute Fund will help Metabolic Support UK support all families,
who have been affected by metabolic diseases.
The money was raised through our fundraising event “pub quiz” in Canal Court Hotel in Newry
on 2nd April 2015 – with thanks to all our family and friends for their kind donations.
Lots of love, Adele, Noel, Joe and Tom Rice xxxx

Total Amount Raised so far: £1,170.00

Galaxy Tribute Fund Status: Tree