Team Metabolic’s Marathon Effort!

On Sunday 28th April, it was the London Marathon! Every year, Metabolic Support UK receive 15 places for the London Marathon. The London Marathon is our biggest fundraiser every year and allows us to continue providing bespoke support to our community. This year, we in fact had 19 places, due to a few deferred places from last year! On the day, 18 runners completed the London Marathon under one of our official places and three runners completed the London Marathon for us under their ballot place.


The London Marathon 2019 was a big one and broke many records, including new Guinness World Records, the total number of London Marathon finishers and the incredible news that the London Marathon has now generated over a billion pounds for charity, since the race’s inception! Our team of runners have been busy fundraising over the past year in the build-up to the marathon, which will help us support more and more families and patients with Inherited Metabolic Disorders.


This year, we had a few familiar faces running the London Marathon for Metabolic Support UK, including Steve, who ran his fifth London Marathon for us just two days after his sixtieth birthday! Then we also had many new faces in Team Metabolic, including a team of three from Plymouth (Mike, Sean and Ty), a team of four from South Wales (Adrian, Ross, Chris and Tom), a team of two from Gloucestershire (Laura and Kate), and a couple from Liverpool (Dean and Becky) and Preston (Joanne and Ashley)! We’ve loved seeing our marathon runners complete their training together and keeping each other motivated up until the marathon itself!


Our fastest runner on the day was Jessica at 3 hours and 23 minutes, who ran under her own ballot place in honour of her sister and to raise awareness of Krabbe’s Leukodystrophy. Our next fastest runner, Adrian, ran under one of our places and was running to raise awareness of his daughter’s condition of Alexander’s Disease. He completed the marathon in 3 hours and 29 minutes!


However, regardless of run times, all our runners have completely inspired and overwhelmed us with pride, and we are so thankful to each runner, who chose to run the London Marathon to support patients and families living with Inherited Metabolic Disorders.


Thank you so much to Leanda, Phil, Steve, Emily, Iain, Matt, Ross, Chris, Adrian, Tom, Laura, Kate, Sean, Mike, Ty, Ashley, Joanne, Dean, Becky, Stuart and Jessica for helping us raise awareness of Inherited Metabolic Disorders and showing so much support for Metabolic Support UK with your fundraising and awareness raising. Your support is invaluable. Here we’d like to share some photos of the amazing Team Metabolic 2019 at this year’s London Marathon, as well as some words from Mike, one of our incredible runners: 


“London Marathon, thanks a billion! The build-up was filled with nerves and excitement, shared by friends, supporters and fellow runners. Then the time had come. We got into our red zone and were excited to get going. The race began and the crowds screamed our names, as I eased into a nice pace. As Cutty Sark approacheda wall of noise hit as well as amazing support from all sides. Then my legs started to get heavy and I had to work really hard to hit the paces I had planned. It had never felt like this in training but said to myself that I had to keep on going and enjoy the atmosphere. Tower Bridge was amazing and by far the loudest part of the course, and we had now gone over half way. Mile 15 approached and by this point, my race for sub 4 hours was finished – my legs were cramping and my pace slowed. At Mile 16, I adopted a run/walk approach to get through and decided to really soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the best marathon in the world. Those final miles were both the best and worst throughout the coursethe best support and knowing my family were waiting near the end kept me driving on, whilst my legs were screaming to stopAs we turned the last corner, a sign saying 385 metres to go appeared. got emotional and knew I would finish. I lapped up the applause, people cheering me on and with a final push, I crossed the linefist pumped the air; and breathed a sigh of satisfaction. I collected my medal and proceeded to meet family and fellow runners.

Overall, the London Marathon stole my heart. It was my fifth marathon and by far the best. Running for Team Metabolic and raising valuable money for such a great cause added to the experience. London and I have unfinished business, and at some stage, I will return. After all, it’s the best marathon in the world.” 



Leanda Crossing Tower Bridge!
Ty, Mike and Sean – Team Metabolic’s Plymouth Team! (pictured left to right)
Laura and Kate – Team Metabolic’s Gloucestershire Team! (pictured left to right)
Matt, running to raise awareness of Ornithine Transcarbamylase Deficiency (OTC)
Becky and Dean – Team Metabolic’s Liverpool Team!













Steve at his fifth London Marathon!
Ashley – half of Team Metabolic’s Preston team!
Joanne – half of Team Metabolic’s Preston team!
Stuart, helping raise awareness of MCADD
Team Metabolic’s South Wales team!
Emily, running the marathon for one very special young man, Louis

If our fantastic runners have inspired you to take on the London Marathon 2020 for Metabolic Support UK, you can register for one of our places here: