10 Reasons to do the Metabolic Mile!

Recently we told you about our campaign for Metabolic Disorders Awareness Week 2018: the #MetabolicMile! For this, we’re asking everyone to complete a mile in any way of their choice, to show solidarity and support for families and patients living with Inherited Metabolic Disorders. If you’re still unsure of whether you want to take on this fun challenge, read our top ten reasons why you should take on the Metabolic Mile and join in the fun!


1. To Show Solidarity for those with Inherited Metabolic Disorders

We’ve all got very busy lives but Metabolic Disorders Awareness Week is one of the best times to take time to connect with the rest of the Inherited Metabolic Disorders community. By doing the Metabolic Mile, you can show your support for patients and families with Inherited Metabolic Disorders, and that nationally, and even internationally, we are all here for each other.


2. To Increase Awareness of Inherited Metabolic Disorders

Many people may not know what Inherited Metabolic Disorders are. That’s something we want to change. By people completing the Metabolic Mile and sharing their story with others when completing the Mile, we can help increase awareness of Inherited Metabolic Disorders, in terms of what they are and how they affect families and patients.


3. Opportunity to Support Metabolic Support UK

Metabolic Disorders Awareness Week is one of the most important weeks in the year to our patient organisation. Plus, it is also one of the best weeks for us to make our voice heard. By more people doing the Metabolic Mile and sharing this event with their friends, families and colleagues, you can help make our voice even louder and help us reach out to more people, who can learn about us, and who may need our support.


4. To Fundraise

If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to fundraise for Metabolic Support UK and haven’t found the right moment to do so, doing the Metabolic Mile could be the perfect way to get started with fundraising! Your mile could be done as a sponsored challenge? Or you could make your Metabolic Mile an event, with a walk and picnic included, and encourage people to join you for a donation? As a patient organisation, we rely upon donations. From all the amazing donations our supporters send us, we can provide our vital services to more and more families and patients with Inherited Metabolic Disorders. For that, we are forever grateful.

Credit: Pixabay.com.

5. Another way to Keep Active

If exercise is a chore for you, signing up to do a mile for Metabolic Disorders Awareness Week could be a great way to encourage you to get active! With it only being one mile, it can be quite easily fitted into your day! You could leave for school early, and park further away to do a mile’s walk to school? Or you could do a mile’s walk to your local supermarket in the evening?


6. Good Excuse to Socialise

It can be difficult finding the time to catch up with everyone. But organising to do the Metabolic Mile could be the perfect excuse to catch up with friends and family! Decide on a place and time you want to do your Metabolic Mile and invite your friends and family to join you for it!


7. Time for You

When you do the Metabolic Mile, you could meet up with friends to do it. However, you could also do it by yourself, and use it as your “you” time. Completing a mile’s walk, run or cycle by yourself could be a great way to unwind and recharge.


8. Opportunity to Get Outside

Although the weather in the UK has been pretty fantastic recently, having another reason to get outside during Metabolic Disorders Awareness Week is definitely never a bad thing! Being outside in the fresh air can be very good for the soul, and a great way to unwind.


Credit: Unsplash.com.

9. Excuse for a Day Trip

The Metabolic Mile challenge may only be a mile-long but it could be used as a good excuse to spend the day somewhere different! You could go for a mile’s walk followed by a picnic? Or you could go to your local National Trust property and do a mile’s walk around the gardens followed by a cream tea in the café? No need for the fun to stop at the Metabolic Mile!


10. Chance to be Creative

The thought of walking, running or cycling may not sound particularly exciting to you. But you can actually do your Metabolic Mile in any way you want! We’re even encouraging you to be extra creative and to do your mile in the most inventive way possible! The person with the photo of the most creative mile done will also win a £100 Amazon voucher! So, get thinking of ways you could do your mile!


To register for the Metabolic Mile, and to discover more about how you can get involved, please use the following link: https://www.metabolicsupportuk.org/awarenessweek/. If you would like even more information about the Metabolic Mile, please contact Maggie on Margaret@metabolicsupportuk.org.


If you take on this fun challenge, don’t forget to share your pictures and stories of your Metabolic Mile with us!


Good luck and we can’t wait to hear how you all get on!