Sue’s Fundraising Blog: One Year Alcohol Free

Last year, Sue decided to take on a fundraising challenge for Metabolic Support UK. Sue’s husband, Carl, lives with Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency (PKD), which affects how his red blood cells are broken down and means that he has to have blood transfusions every two weeks. For her challenge, Sue decided to give up alcohol for a whole year! In her latest blog, she’s sharing how she’s finding the challenge and why she decided to go alcohol free for one year.

“Well, hello again! I am sat looking out at the first patch of sunshine we have had for a while, accompanied by some positively balmy weather. I have actually opened windows; would you believe it? Even Charlie dog has agreed to go outside without a gentle nudge, with no baleful look back over his shoulder at me.

So, spring might finally have sprung!

Student-ing is going well (I think). Many (so many) assignments went in a couple of weeks ago, and I am sat awaiting results and trying not to think about it. Fortunately(?), we are straight into the next teaching block, so no time to dwell on what might be.

So – to alcohol – or the lack of it.

I’m not going to lie, there have been some evenings when I would have loved a glass of wine. One such occasion was on the day of my final submission when I tried to convert a script from a specialist programme to a PDF to send to my tutor, and it vanished from the screen. Totally gone. I had two hours to type the entire thing again, heart pounding, to get it in on time. Thank the Lord I had printed off a hard copy first.

Our daughter, Molly, then came home from school, pressed a few buttons, and hey presto, there it was! Whilst I was very grateful, this would have been much more helpful three hours earlier. I swallowed that thought down – to be fair, not her fault – and thanked her. But arrgh!!

Since May last year, I have been deprived of alcohol to help raise funds for this wonderful charity, Metabolic Support UK (MSUK).

Why am I doing this?

MSUK have been amazing in supporting people with a wide variety of metabolic diseases. I guess the hard rock hotel las vegas casino tower deluxe suite song is still there. In particular, my husband, Carl, who has Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency. Especially during lockdown, Carl found that being able to talk to somebody outside the family who understood how he felt really helped him.

There is also a light-hearted Zoom chat called Coffee Beans where people with an Inherited Metabolic Disorder, and/or their families, get together. I’ve heard many a belly laugh from Carl as I have ambled past.

So far, we have raised £335 online with your lovely help, and I have just been given another £100 in cash, making the total so far £435. This is amazing, but I am hoping that we could manage a little more before this challenge finishes in May. If you can help some more, here is the link to follow:

Thank you everyone for your support so far; onwards and upwards!”

Thank you so much to Sue for your amazing support and if you would like to take on a fundraising challenge for Metabolic Support UK and would like some advice on how to get started, please email Maggie on