Jeans for Genes Day

This week on Friday 21st September, it’s Jeans for Genes Day! This day is the annual fundraising event for Genetic Disorders UK, which aims to raise awareness about genetic disorders and the impact they have upon families and patients. Get involved by sharing your story and showing off your best denim!

Who is Genetic Disorders UK?

Genetic Disorders UK is a UK registered charity supporting patients and families with genetic disorders. The charity is run by a small team, who share advice and support on life with a genetic disorder through their free and confidential helpline and their comprehensive website. Patients and families can access their website on the following link:

They offer grants to families and patients, to help with the costs associated with living with a genetic disorder, as well as signposting to different organisations, who can help with financial assistance.

Jeans for Genes Day is their annual fundraising event, where they encourage everyone to wear jeans. Through this day, they aim to raise enough money, to enable their team to continue providing the much needed emotional support and grants to patients and families living with genetic disorders.

As an umbrella patient organisation, they endeavour to continuously signpost to different disease specific patient organisations, who can support patients with more up-to-date knowledge relating to their conditions.


Why Support Jeans for Genes Day?

By wearing jeans on Jeans for Genes Day, you can help to raise much needed awareness of genetic disorders. 4,000-6,000 genetic disorders are known to exist and 1 in 25 people have been diagnosed with a genetic disorder; 30,000 children are diagnosed with a genetic disorder each year.


How to Support?

There are many ways you can support Jeans for Genes Day. You can support the day by:

  • Wearing jeans! – You can wear your comfiest slouchiest and favourite jeans, or find your inner fashion guru and brave the double denim!
  • Posting a picture of you wearing jeans – Use the power of social media and spread the word about Jeans for Genes Day by posting your picture on social media along with the hashtag #jeansforgenes. Don’t forget to tag us in your post!
  • Sharing your story – Share why you’re supporting Jeans for Genes Day and why the day is important.
  • Donating to Metabolic Support UK via Jeans for Genes – We are a partner of Genetic Disorders UK, meaning 50% of anything you fundraise and donate to Jeans for Genes, (after mentioning you’re affiliated with us) will be sent to us!
  • Getting your school or workplace involved – Head to the Jeans for Genes Day website and sign up your workplace or school to this day, and have some fun showing off your best denim.
  • Hosting a jeans-orientated fundraiser – This could be a jeans dinner party, where you could ask everyone to show off their best denim, or see who can wear the most denim in one outfit! Or host a jeans craft day and get people to decorate a pair of jeans they own. They could even make a new bag or wristband from an old pair of jeans!

There are plenty of ways to support Jeans for Genes Day.  We’ll be getting our denim on at Metabolic Support UK HQ!

Let us know how you’re celebrating this year! #jeansforgenes #awareness

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