Self-Care Tips: Inspiring Books and Films

In these unprecedented times, it’s important to take care of our mental health as much as our physical health. One way to nurture our mental health is to find ways to unwind, such as watching films or reading books. Some of our team have shared what some of their favourite feel-good books and films are, which we hope that you might enjoy as well!


Rachel: I think Matilda is a great film because it has a smart girl who is under-estimated and she shows that she is extraordinary in many ways. Plus, it has a happy ending. It’s one of our all-time family favourites and a must-watch!

Notting Hill is a story of a shy and floppy-haired bookshop owner (Hugh Grant), who falls in love with a Hollywood A-lister, played by Julia Roberts. His heart gets broken and so does hers. Then they get unbroken. It’s so funny and I can watch it over and over again….and I do!


Julie: I asked my mum, who is nearly 80 and self-isolating, if there’s a film that she has watched recently that she found uplifting and she said Holiday in the Wild on Netflix. She said that she loved the way that the humans cared for the elephants and that everyone came together at a time of need. She also loved the fact that we watched it together as a family at Christmas and that she is looking forward to watching it again next Christmas, with her family all around her.

I also love Bryony Gordon’s Eat, Drink and Run. At one point, there was a lot of things going on in my life, nothing major but lots of little things, and a friend gave me Bryony Gordon’s Eat, Drink and Run and it had a lovely positive impact on my life. It is an honest, hilarious and inspiring story of how Bryony who suffers from depression and anxiety trains to run the London Marathon. She has never run before, not even for a bus! I laughed out loud, cried and cheered. And for a very short period (and I mean a short period!), I even thought about running a marathon myself! The book has been passed around the Metabolic Support UK team’s office and we have all learnt different things about ourselves from reading it. I would recommend it and you never know, it might inspire you to run the 2021 London Marathon for Metabolic Support UK!


Maggie: One of my favourite films is A Little Princess about a young girl who goes to boarding school when her father is enlisted to fight in World War I. Although it involves lots of tears (particularly from me!), it has the best ending and is a tale of how you can find positivity in tricky times.

I’m a big reader and it’s difficult for me to pick one book but one of the books that I particularly enjoyed was The hundred-year-old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared by Jonas Jonasson. This book tells the tale of a hundred-year-old man who gets up to lots of trouble after he decides to climb out of his window at his care home on his hundredth birthday! If you want a good giggle and something light-hearted to read, I’d definitely recommend this book.


Sally: I’m trying to remind myself that this is an opportunity to re-visit some of my favourite things, which is not a chance that we’d often get when things are “normal”. I’m getting Disney+, making a list of books that I love that I can read in the next couple of weeks, and I’ve also started a favourite TV show from the beginning. It sounds simple but it’s one that I’ve watched for years, so there’s something really familiar and comforting about watching it now.


Please let us know which books you find inspiring and we hope that you enjoy the books and films that we’ve suggested!