Sue’s Fundraising Challenge

A month ago, Sue decided to take on a fundraising challenge for Metabolic Support UK. Sue’s husband, Carl, lives with Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency (PKD), which affects how his red blood cells are broken down and means that he has to have blood transfusions every two weeks. For her challenge, Sue decided to give up alcohol for a whole year! One month on, we’ve been catching up with Sue to see how she’s finding the sober life!


Well. I’ve made it through the first month without a glass of chilled rose (or other less good drinks) and have survived. There have been moments, I won’t deny it, when I would have happily reached for a glass of wine. For example, picture this:

Sue’s devious dog!

Went outside to get the dog’s supper, followed by dog. Nice looking website with what seems like rather objective reviews of UK brands Have been looking for an authoritative site when doing some research into online casinos and which one I should try playing at.  Brought it inside. No dog. This never happens. It was mealtime after all and our dog is obsessed with food. I swear he would walk over my cold, dead body to reach the food bowl. Where was he? Went back outside; the food bin had been knocked over by some helpful creature, generously spreading part-rotted potato skins, watermelon and tea bags, etc everywhere. Where was our dog? Pigging out happily in the middle of it all.

Extracting him, inserting him back into the house and closing the back door firmly on him, I cleared up the stinking mess. Grim. Finished hosing it all down and went back into the house to find that the dog had performed a dirty protest at my unfair treatment of him. There was a poo waiting for me on the mat (he had clearly needed to go and I had shut him inside the house). Normally the online casinos have a more extensive roster of games compared to traditional casinos. Great. At this point, a glass of wine would have been very welcome.

In other more pleasant news, Carl is hoping to go back to two weekly blood transfusions, feeling it is now safe to do so. Generally speaking, only American and European Roulette will be offered in live dealer form. However, this does depend on when the hospital can fit him in. Consequently, he is looking forward to feeling less exhausted through a low HB. We are even considering going to sit outside a cafe with a cup of tea. I know, it’s amazing how such a simple action seems fraught with danger. Who needs bungee jumping for thrills?!

Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed so far, supporting Metabolic Support UK in all the fabulous work that they do. We have reached £315 so far towards the £1000 goal! To those who have helped, you are all fabulous people and I love you. This is one really great thing about Slots Capital online casino that we love.

I’ll be back with further news from the Lander household regularly but hopefully with no more dog incidents. Please continue to spread the word about my fundraising challenge and to keep me on the straight and narrow. You can claim this deposit bonus to meet the requirement for claiming additional No Deposit Bonuses or just increasing your bonus amount to play through. I raise a glass to you all (of orange juice, of course).”

Thank you so much to Sue for keeping on with the challenge, especially with the challenges of lockdown – we really appreciate your support! If you would like to donate to Sue’s page to help keep the motivation up, please see here.

If you would like to start a fundraiser but don’t know where to start, please contact Maggie on