Rachel Stone

Rachel Stone
Ray, as she preferred to be known, was our teacher and inspiration.
She was diagnosed with Cystinosis but refused to be defined by her illness. Her tutors at college
and university were unaware of the name of her condition, just accepting that this spirited
student would challenge any statement she thought had no firm basis.
Her enthusiasm for life was matched by her wicked sense of humour – “I’m like old people’s
teeth, I only come out at night”.
Her passion for writing saw her editing her sixth form magazine, the university newspaper and
writing a regular column under the pseudonym Doreen Dalrymple. She contributed regularly
to the Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph, the Yorkshire Evening Post, the Hull Daily Mail, the
Western Mail and many national newspapers.
Writing was her lifeline, her means of communicating.
She touched everyone she knew with her warmth, kindness, laughter, enthusiasm, honesty and
We miss you Ray.
Rachel Stone
October 25 1973 – June 24 2005
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