Noah Mitford

Noah Mitford
7th January 2010 – 25th January 2012
Noah was everything to us and changed our lives for the better, forever. He was a beautiful
boy with sparkling blue eyes, a beautiful complexion, an adorable little laugh and a smile that
lit up any room.
Noah was also a beautiful child on the inside. He had a gentle and cheerful character, with a
glint in his eye. He filled us with joy and laughter every minute of the day.
A week after his first birthday, Noah was taken into intensive care with multiple organ failure.
He spent two and a half months in hospital and the remainder of his second year as an
outpatient, during which extensive testing and screening was carried out, to try and find a
Noah became ill again a few weeks after his second birthday and sadly died very suddenly of
heart failure. We have recently found out that he suffered from mitochondrial myopathy of
the heart muscle.
We are both so proud of the courage and resilience he showed us in his second year of life.
He overcame huge obstacles and leaves us in awe of his bravery and strength. We only wish
he could have lived a full life, to experience everything that it has to offer. We are sure that he
would have grabbed every opportunity with both hands and made us even more proud of his
It is particularly difficult for us that he never got to meet his little sister, who was born three weeks
after he passed away. However, Noah will always be a part of our family and we will take
great joy in telling his sister, Daisy, all about him.
We thank God that Noah does not have to go through any more suffering, and that he is now
at peace. We will carry him in our hearts forever. Sweet dreams baby boy.
Ashleigh & Nick Mitford

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