National Volunteers’ Week: Thank You to our Wonderful Supporters!

1st – 7th June is National Volunteers’ Week. As a patient organisation, we really appreciate those who endlessly work to support us.



Across the UK, it is estimated that 14.2 million people volunteer once a month. These volunteers also tend to do, on average, around 11.6 hours of volunteering work a month. Volunteers help charitable organisations enormously. Without volunteers, charities and patient organisations wouldn’t be able to survive. They help raise vital funds and awareness of different organisations and the work they do.


Without the awareness and funds that our wonderful volunteers raise for us, we would not be where we are today. We are forever grateful for the hard work of our supporters. From the races our volunteers complete in the name of Metabolic Support UK (from charity running gear to neon tutus and the many fancy dress outfits we’ve seen over the years!), to the balls, bingo nights and bake sales our volunteers organise, their incredible efforts help us support our members. Due to their fundraising efforts, we can offer an increasing amount of services to support our families, including our family advice service, family contacts network, conferences and patient days. From the funds our volunteers raise, we can also help push for further research and development of treatments for numerous Inherited Metabolic Disorders. More research can really help us better inform our members, and healthcare professionals alike, about different conditions and the best ways to manage them.



If volunteers don’t have the time or the means to fundraise, sharing stories and experiences, and raising awareness about Metabolic Support UK, and share how we can help is invaluable. Even just a few social media posts to raise awareness about our patient organisation can give us a better profile and allow families and individuals to find us more easily. As a result of this, we can help make patients and families feel better connected and informed about how they can get the help they need, from the diagnosis stage and beyond.


Equally having volunteers dedicate hours of their time to training for various sporting events to cross a finish line in the name of Metabolic Support UK is inspirational. No one’s efforts or time commitments to supporting us is left unnoticed.



We are very aware of how lucky we are to have such great volunteers and supporters, who tirelessly give up their time, efforts and commitment to fundraise and support us. Our volunteers make us who we are. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to support patients and families in the way we do. So, this post is for all our amazing supporters – thank you; you are all incredible.


If you can support us in any way possible, please let us know. You can find more information about how to fundraise and support us on the Get Involved page on our website.


Through spreading the word about Metabolic Support UK through fundraising and awareness campaigns, we hope we can better support you and be a friend to you, your family and friends.