Metabolic Disorders Awareness Week 2019

This year’s Metabolic Disorders Awareness Week took place from Monday 1st – Sunday 7th July 2019. This year we continued with our #MetabolicMile campaign, asking you to walk, skip, cycle, swim or space hopper a mile to show your support for patients and families living with Inherited Metabolic Disorders. Once again, we were overwhelmed by your incredible support for Metabolic Disorders Awareness Week 2019 and all you did to support it!



We loved seeing your Metabolic Miles again this year and how creative you could get with yours! This year, Team Metabolic did their Metabolic Mile in celebrity fancy dress! Team Metabolic got inventive with their outfits, which included our Finance Administrator, Andrea, who dressed up as Charlie Chaplin; our Patient Access to Diagnosis and Treatment Researcher, Pushpa, who dressed up as Albert Einstein; and our Chief Operating Officer, Joanne, who dressed up as a crab (we know this may not strictly be celebrity themed but the outfit was too good to resist!)! We also saw other patient organisations getting involved and doing a Metabolic Mile, sharing their support for Metabolic Disorders Awareness Week and our special community! Regardless of how you did your Metabolic Mile, we loved seeing you, your colleagues, schools, friends and family getting involved and raising awareness of Inherited Metabolic Disorders!




Metabolic Disorders Awareness Week is one of the best times to raise money to help us support patients and families living with Inherited Metabolic Disorders. We are so grateful for all your donations during the week through Facebook, Metabolic Mile events and more! So far, we have raised £1,266.99, with more donations still coming in from Metabolic Mile events organised by our amazing Ambassadors! We are so grateful for your support and your donations will make a real difference. There is still time to donate to our Metabolic Mile Just Giving page! You can donate here:



An easy and powerful way to raise awareness of Inherited Metabolic Disorders is to change your profile picture to include the Metabolic Disorders Awareness Week Twibbon and to share your story. Sharing your story is so important in helping more people learn about Inherited Metabolic Disorders and let others, who are experiencing very similar circumstances, know that they are not alone. This year, our Twibbon was downloaded 306 times, helping us show even more support for families and patients living with Inherited Metabolic Disorders.


Thank you to everyone who supported Metabolic Disorders Awareness Week this year! Your support is completely invaluable. By sharing your stories, our social media posts and donating, you are helping us reach out to more patients and families with Inherited Metabolic Disorders and to offer support to those who really need it.


If Metabolic Disorders Awareness Week has inspired you to take on a challenge for Metabolic Support UK, please see the following page for some fundraising ideas or contact Maggie, our Marketing and Fundraising Officer, on for some fundraising ideas or support with your event!