Metabolic Connect

Our patients and families tell us that one of the most important services that we offer is connecting them with others who understand exactly what they’re going through. Metabolic Connect is our new and improved peer support matching service (formerly known as the Family Contacts Network), which enables us to connect patients and families to share experiences and provide support and friendship. We will endeavour to match you with a family already in our network, or liaise with our professional contacts to find someone who will be an appropriate match.

If you, or someone close to you, has recently been diagnosed with an Inherited Metabolic Disorder, you may be feeling anxious, confused and overwhelmed. It can really help to talk to someone who really understands what you are going through and help you to make sense of what comes next. If you are a little further in your metabolic journey and would like to use your experience to help others, offering peer support can be very rewarding. We have connected hundreds of patients and families worldwide and many lifelong friendships have been forged.

Join Metabolic Connect today if you would like to be connected with another patient or family to either seek peer support from someone that understands what you are going through, or to offer peer support to someone at an earlier stage in their metabolic journey. Simply complete the form below, we will search our network for another patient or family with the same or similar condition and we will be in contact once a match has been made! After that, it’s over to you and everything can be taken at your own pace.

Interested in joining Metabolic Connect? It’s simple!

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  2. Receive a notification when you’ve been matched, and look out for your introductory email!

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If you’re looking for support and would like further information on Metabolic Connect or any of the other services that we provide, please contact us on 0845 241 2173, or drop us a line on