Mental Health

We all have mental health but the state of our mental health can differ individually depending on many different factors, including lifestyle, genetics and our experiences. Living with an Inherited Metabolic Disorder can also present new challenges and can sometimes take a toll on our mental health. If you are struggling, please don’t hesitate to reach out for support, as there are lots of organisations who are willing and able to help with anything that you are struggling with.

Hear about Louise and Pasq’s experiences of how living with an Inherited Metabolic Disorder has affected their mental health and how reaching out for support helped them.

Click here for more experiences from our community, including the impact that an Inherited Metabolic Disorder has had on their mental health and their tips for keeping well.

To help you with managing your mental health, we have created some resources to support you. Please click on the titles below for suggestions on how to support your mental health.

Tips on Managing Stress

Tips on Managing your Mental Health during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Mental Health App Guide

If you would like any further support, please contact us on  or you can also reach out to the following organisations here.

**If you need urgent support with your mental health, please click here for advice.**