MELVYN’S MARATHON BLOG: Journey to the 2018 London Marathon

With four months to go until the London Marathon, our 17 fantastic Team Climb gold bond holders are busy planning their training and fundraising activities.  Melvyn has agreed to share his training journey as he prepares for the big day on 22nd April 2018, follow his story here!

This will be my training blog for running the Virgin London Marathon 2018 for Climb. I have always wanted to run for Climb – it’s my hometown charity. I am fully aware of the difficulties small charities face when trying to balance their actual work with the fundraising side. This is my opportunity to run the greatest race on earth and raise some much needed funds for a local charity.

People regularly ask me why I run. I give them the stock answers – it keeps me fit etc. This never quite seems to satisfy them and they challenge me further by saying you can keep fit by playing a different sport. I end up telling them I’m good at running and quite competitive and that’s why I do it. That seems to work.

When a runner asks another runner why they run – the answers are much different. It’s the social aspect, the camaraderie, the “support”.

I thought it would be nice to gently ease in with the main reason I want to run for Climb before sharing the pain that will be 3+ months of pounding the streets/paths of the south coast. The “support” I receive from my fellow runners, some of which are now close friends, some of which reside all over the world, is very important to me. It helps me get through the tough times, it gives me strength to carry on, it spurs me on to improve. We share stories – as for the most part the actual running is fairly lonesome. I think this “Support” network very much mirrors the work that Climb achieve – allowing people in a similar situation find the information and support they need.

My marathon training plan doesn’t actually start until January 1st 2018 – more of that in future blogs! – I moved to south Devon a few years ago and some of the scenery is spectacular making the training that little bit more enjoyable. The picture above is of a shipwreck that currently resides in the river Plym.

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Inspired by Melvyn’s story? Registration is now open for our gold bond places in the 2019 London Marathon, for more information please click here.