Meet the London Marathon Runner: Laura Curtis!

On Sunday 28th April, 19 supporters of Metabolic Support UK will be taking to the streets of London for the London Marathon! We are always in awe of our incredible marathon runners and their commitment to train, run and fundraise in support of Metabolic Support UK, whatever the weather!

In this blog series, we want you to meet some of the amazing Team Metabolic 2019 and find out how they’re preparing for the big day! Next in this series of blog posts, we’d like to introduce you to Laura and for you to hear about her motivations to run the London Marathon!


“There’s no doubt, I was born to be a runner. I enjoy it. I like the thrill of getting out with the dogs in the crisp winter air, feeling invigorated as I pilot new running routes around the Cotswolds. The only thing, which really frustrates me, is when my Garmin has no signal, causing me to jump frantically up and down like a frog on a lily pad, so I don’t lose momentum. Yes, admittedly, I am now one of those people, who I used to look at and despise. This was usually from the confines of a pub, watching the vibrant streak of lyrca whizz pass the window

“Why would you do that on a Friday night?!” I would say to my friends.

Now, I am THAT person looking enviously in while you sip your G&T. Those days are long gone. For now, anyhow!

And amblers! Don’t get me started on amblers! They seriously get in the way. Those 5 km (3.1 miles) and even 10 km runs (6.2 miles) are basically like a walk in the park for me. But no one can prepare me for a 26.2 mile slog. Oh, did I mention my legs really hurt?

I attempted a 15 mile run last week – a personal target, which I achieved. The next step is building on that and finding interesting routes to do it. Running into Cheltenham (as I did on Saturday) is depressingly nowhere near long enough. This led to a very frustrating run up and down lanes, to try and hit the target “beep” from the Garmin. Between organising different fundraisers, like our Valentine’s Charity Run the other weekend, I’m getting in some longer runs and I’ve excitingly got some new running patterns to try!”

We hope your training continues to go well, Laura!

To support Laura on their London Marathon journey, you can donate to the following page: