Meet Team Climb 2017 – London Marathon Runners

Our exceptional runners have kindly shared their individual stories of why they took part in this extraordinary event for Climb. We would like to thank Team Climb for all of their massive fundraising efforts, hard work and enthusiasm!

Jessica’s Story

Jessica Allamby“I ran the 2016 London Marathon for Climb and absolutely loved the atmosphere and seeing the dedication others have for their chosen charities.  I knew from the moment I stepped over the finish line that I wanted to run it again in 2017.  Climb is a charity very close to my heart, after losing my son Ethan who had a metabolic condition called OTC in March 2015.  Climb were there for me and with their continued support they have enabled myself and my family to be strong and remain strong when times are hard.  I am training hard in the gym to build my fitness and strength, and am also running regularly outside concentrating on endurance.  I am hoping to complete the marathon within 5 hours.

Ethan was a smiley, happy little boy despite all of his problems.  I miss him terribly every day.  No words could ever describe the feeling of losing your child, so I am doing this for Ethan and all the other children that have passed away, or are struggling day-to-day with metabolic conditions.”

Kathryn’s Story

“I have wanted to run the London Marathon for 8 years and have tried (unsuccessfully) to enter via the main ballot.  I decided this year that I would like to run the marathon for a charity.  A friend of mine made me aware of the charity Climb as he has fundraised for them before.  I am fortunate that my family, including my husband and two children are well, fit and healthy.  Not all families have that luxury.  The opportunity to fundraise for a charity that can offer support to families that suffer from metabolic disorders means that I can make a difference to someone’s life.  Not a huge difference, but I can make a positive impact all the same.  Not only do I get to achieve a life goal to run the London Marathon, but I can also help others at the same time.”

Crichton’s Story

cb“Having reached my 40th year and settled back in the UK after 15 years living abroad, I wanted to take on some running challenges.  More importantly though, is to use this personal challenge as a means of raising some money for a wonderful charity that has been very close to my family’s heart.  Climb was founded by my Godparents, Lesley and Peter Greene after their daughter Jennifer was born with Cystinosis, a rare Inherited Metabolic Disorder.”

Simon’s Story


“I am a Corporal in the Royal Marines and took part in the 2017 London Marathon for Climb as I believe in the good work that they do, and wanted to help them by raising as much money as possible, as well as letting people around me know what Climb is all about and getting them on board with the great they do for people who suffer with Inherited Metabolic Disorders.

I had always wanted to apply for the London Marathon but never really found the incentive. Last year I was expecting a big healthy baby boy and he was taken away. It took some time to come to terms with this and I think I owed this one to him. I’ve always put everything into training but this has pushed me to another place. By doing this it will hopefully help other people’s lives and make him proud.”

Ryan’s Story

ryanclark2“I’m 22 years old and I have a 4 year old cousin who was born with MCADD.  After last year’s amazing experience I can’t wait to run the London Marathon for the second time and to raise  as much money as I can for Climb again!”



Wayne’s Story

“This will be my third London Marathon for Climb.  I support this charity because my nephew Jensen was diagnosed with MCADD in November 2012, which makes this charity close to my heart.”




Emily’s Story


“Why am I running the 2017 London Marathon?  Simple!  Louis is an amazing young man, and he and his family benefit from the support from Climb.  I can’t make Louis better, but I can put in a bit of time, eat loads of pasta, and get super fit to raise money for such a worthwhile charity.

I ran the London Marathon is 2016 for Climb.  It was refreshing to see that the Climb Team were not indulging in a lush hospitality suite, but were sat in the grandstand, cheering us over the finishing line.  This highlighted to me how worthwhile the effort is, and that the monies raised are allocated to those who will really benefit.  I would also like to get another finishers photo with this special boy!”

Tom’s Story

“I have a friend that works for Climb and I believe in the good work that they do, and want to help them by raising as much money as possible.  It has also been a goal of mine to run the London Marathon for a few years now.”




Stephen’s Story

“This will be my 3rd consecutive London Marathon running for Climb, I run for everyone at the charity but in particular for one little girl close to my heart who suffers from Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH) whom Climb helps and supports.  I was lucky to get my place at the last minute, so I’m doubly determined to train to get ready for it. Many thanks to everyone at Climb for this wonderful opportunity.”



Paul’s Story

paul“I am a 38 years young, self-employed Bricklayer from Lancashire, and  currently half way into a training programme that I think (and hope) will get me over the finishing line of that horrendous 26.2 mile run!  I am getting plenty of encouragement from family, mainly the Mrs (Lucy) and two kids Alannah (11) and Alfie (2).  I am running for Climb to help raise awareness of the fantastic work they do for families like ourselves.  My son Alfie has Citrullinaemia, and the support and information we receive is invaluable, so its my little way of giving something back to this truly amazing charity.”


Joel’s Story

“Climb is a charity which has always been close to me growing up.  Having had a brother, Nicholas, who had Sandhoff’s Disease, Climb were able to give my family amazing support and I wanted to do something special to help give support back.  I’m not enjoying running in the cold and the racing vest is a bit snug, but it will be worth it on the day!!”



Rachel’s Story

“Since gerltting the running bug in 2013 I have taken part in 10K races, run my first half marathon at Silverstone in March 2016, and run alongside Ben Smith in the 401 Challenge in January 2016.  I never thought I would see myself running a marathon but through the encouragement of my running buddies, the Downhill Runners, I set myself the challenge for 2017 of entering the London Marathon, and gaining a golden bond place with Climb.A friend’s daughter suffers from salt wasting disease and I want to help and support her by raising funds to find a cure for diseases like this.  This is a personal challenge, however running 26 miles isn’t as much as a battle as my friend, or people in similar situations go through on a daily basis.”

The Mad Marathoners Story

“We are the ‘Mad Marathoners’ – Vicky, Lindsay and Lou.  My nephew, George, has a very rare metabolic disorder which without careful control of his diet, could potentially be life-threatening.  He is an absolute delight, he never complains despite numerous hospital visits, blood tests and the fact that he can’t have a lot of what the other children take for granted in their diets.

Climb is such a small charity, they deserve as much as possible to help support families with children like George, who are living with metabolic disorders.  We couldn’t think of a better charity to pound 26.2 miles of the streets of London for!”

Paige’s Story

paige“I am raising money for Climb because they have helped save the lives of many, but more importantly a good friend’s son.  We are raising money to thank the charity for the support and help to keep their amazing work going.  I never used to be able to walk, with limited bone marrow in my feet.  Just getting out of bed was a task.  So the thought of completing marathons in London and Manchester for this amazing charity is overwhelming.  I am also competing in the 2017 Iron Man and all money raised will continue to go to Climb.”

Phil’s Story

“I am running the London Marathon again for Climb as my colleague has a child with an Inherited Metabolic Disorder and the family have benefited from Climb’s support.”





David’s Story

David Windridge“I decided to run for Climb again this year because I think it is such a wonderful charity which I was proud to support in 2016.  I’ve noticed the hard work and dedication that this small team deliver on a daily basis.  The least I can do is run 26.2 miles again!”