Prize Lotto

The Metabolic Support UK Prize Lotto is a fun way for you to win cash prizes while supporting our vital work in the area of Inherited Metabolic Disorders, including:

  • Supporting families and individuals with all their needs.
  • Supporting research into treatment and improving diagnosis.
  • Raising awareness of their rare conditions.
  • Assisting young people in their transition into adulthood, enabling them to make their way in the world.

How does it work?

Each unique number is £12 per year!  You can purchase as many numbers as you wish, and additional numbers can be purchased at any time.  Your numbers are yours for as long as you continue playing the Lotto. 

When will the draws take place?

The Prize Lotto will be drawn four times a year.  The dates of the next draw is Monday 8th October 2018

Winners will be notified by phone, email or letter, and announced on our social media channels.  Prizes will be sent by cheque.

What can I win?

Each draw will have three lucky winners drawn at random to receive a cash prize.  The prize fund will be a percentage of the monies raised.  The more people that join, the bigger the prize fund!

The cash prizes will be at least: 

First Prize – £125
Second Prize – £75
Third Prize – £50

Alternatively, you can join the Lotto by calling us on 0845 241 2173.

Players must be 16 or over.  Terms and Conditions apply.  Please gamble responsibly.                                                               

Previous Lotto winners are listed here.