Katie Francklin

Katie Francklin
A Tribute to Katie
Her pretty little face (usually covered in chocolate!), her engaging cheeky grin, her soft mousey
brown hair (often in bunches!) and her twinkly brown eyes, that was Katie!
Katie was born on 23rd June 1992, a seemingly strong and healthy baby. However, she failed
to thrive in early infancy and after a multitude of gruelling tests and much anxiety, she was
eventually diagnosed with CDG type 1a, another unusual and complex metabolic syndrome.
As a family, we wanted life to be as normal as possible for Katie. She went to a special nursery
group, then onto a special primary school, when health permitted. At the age of 11, she went
onto St. Margaret’s School at The Children’s Trust, Tadworth, Surrey.
This is a wonderful residential school where she had the 24-hour care that she required, along with
a multitude of therapies, including her much loved enjoyment of music, hydro and rebound therapy. It
was equally an environment in which she thrived and progressed amidst much love and
attention from dedicated staff and lots of friends. Katie came home for many weekends,
half-terms and school holidays, to have fun with her sister, Flora, and brother, Jack.
It was an enormous shock when Katie quite unexpectedly died in May of this year. During the
15 and a half years of her life, she had many ups and downs health-wise and endured daily
burdens – yet in spite of all this, she never complained; she rarely cried; she was always smiling and
happy; and radiating so much love to anyone who met her.
As so many families know, losing a child is so very hard. Somehow, the more a child needs you,
the more you love them – the greater the loss. But in their different ways, these special children
give so much to us all – whether we are siblings, parents, grandparents, carers, medical
professionals or friends – whoever we are to them, they teach us about human nature,
the important values in our lives and so much more.
They are our shining stars and we will never forget them, and to the people and organisations,
such as Metabolic Support UK, who help guide us through – THANK YOU.

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