Kate and Laura’s Valentine’s Fun Run!

Laura and Kate at the Valentine’s Fun Run!

At Metabolic Support UK, we have a number of London Marathon places to offer our supporters each year. In return for a marathon place, our runners agree to fundraise for us! Our London Marathon runners have done so many different fundraisers over the years and this year, our London Marathon runners, Laura and Kate, decided to organise a Valentine’s Fun Run in support of Metabolic Support UK! 

Here, Laura explains what their Valentine’s Fun Run was and how it went on the day! 


Hi Laura, thanks for taking the time to chat to us about your Valentine’s Fun Run! What exactly was it 

The Valentines Fun Run was a charity run, which Kate and I held in Winchcombe, to raise money for Metabolic Support UK. We predominantly focused on our local running club for interest, although word did spread and we had a really decent turnout on the day. 


Where did your Valentine’s Fun Run take place? 

We held it in a fairly central location in Winchcombe. We chose that area as we were aware that many people would be driving. Plus, we wanted the run to be mostly off-road. The start and finish point were the same, which made our lives so much easier. The run was a loop around the historic Sudeley Castle – a distance of about 5 miles.  


Who took part in your Valentine’s Fun Run?  

The majority of the entrants were from our club: Winchcombe Running Club. However, as the word spread, we had a few local ladies turn up and run, as well as some family and friends and dogs too, of course!  

Kate and I also roped our parents into being the marshals, which they secretly enjoyed! One of our marshals even brought a chair and refreshments!  





How did the event go?  

So well! We were quite nervous in the lead up to the race in terms of the organisation, marking the route and whether we would actually get enough people. On the day, we had a really good turnout. People we hadn’t expected to run, registered and paid on the day!  

The feedback we received was very positive. The runners loved the route Kate and I had marked out and the ‘‘goody bags” were an extra bonus!  


The Valentine’s Fun Run runners and their “goody bags”!


What other fundraisers have you got organised as part of your London Marathon fundraising plan? 

We are thinking of doing a drinks/food evening where people can come and have a fun evening whilst raising money for Metabolic Support UK. 


We’re really glad your event was such a success and that you had lots of support on the day! We can’t wait to hear what other fundraising events you plan! 


If Laura and Kate have inspired you to organise your own fundraiser, please get in touch with Team Metabolic’s Marketing and Fundraising Officer, Maggie, on margaret@metabolicsupportuk.org or 0845 241 2173. 


To support Laura on their London Marathon journey, you can donate to the following page: https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/lauracurtis9 

To support Kate on their London Marathon journey, you can donate to the following page: https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/KateMcElroy1