Joshua Zachary Bolton

Joshua Zachary Bolton
4th September 2004 – 1st April 2006
This Galaxy Tribute Fund is in memory of our wonderful little boy, Joshua Zachary Bolton, who
died very suddenly and unexpectedly on the 1st April 2006. It has subsequently been found
that Joshua had undiagnosed MCADD.
We could write forever about how special our little boy was to us, but words alone would never
be enough to describe how truly wonderful he was and how much enjoyment, love and
fulfilment he gave to our lives. Joshua was such a lively and bubbly character in everything he
did or said. He was full of excitement, fun, giggles and always smiling; he was otherwise known
as “Mr Pickle Pants”.
Joshie was a very friendly, sociable and loving little boy. He would give fantastic cuddles,
wrapping his arms tightly around your neck and planting a lovely wet and gooey kiss on your
cheek. Joshie loved other children, especially his baby friends, who he had known since he
was only six weeks old and would see them each week to play. He also loved going to his
nursery ‘Fledglings’ and had fun playing with the children and staff, singing songs, painting and
he especially loved the sand pit. He even starred in his nursery nativity as a very cute “baa
Joshua was a very determined little boy. He knew exactly what he wanted to do, but was
always good natured with it. This determination was especially true as to his climbing ability.
He was an excellent climber and his Pompa (granddad) couldn’t wait to get him rock climbing
from a very early age, just as his mummy had done.
The most important time of the day was when Joshua heard Daddy come home from work
and special Daddy and Joshie playtime and fun was had, followed by a very wet bath time
and bedtime story, which always had to include wonderful animal noises by Joshua.
Joshie loved all his family and got very excited when his grandparents, auntie and uncles all
came to visit. He loved all the attention he was given and would round them up to play with
him and instruct them to “draw”, handing them a crayon to join him with his picture. Joshie
would get especially excited, running up and down on the spot and squealing with delight, when
his very special cousins, James and Ross, or as Joshie would say “ ‘ames and ” ‘oss”, came to play
with him – Joshie adored and loved them very much.
Since Joshua’s death, Neil and I have struggled to comprehend that had newborn screening
for MCADD been introduced nationally rather than still at the pilot stage, Joshua’s death could
have been prevented, as this genetic disorder is easily treatable with good prognosis, if
This Galaxy Tribute is in loving memory of our little boy, Joshua – “like a bright star, shining forever
in our hearts.”
Pauline and Neil Bolton

Total Amount Raised so far: £39,323.40

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