Joaquim Leo Porto Schofield

Joaquim Leo Porto Schofield

Joaquim aka. Quinn was born on 20.10.2018 weighing 8lbs 9oz and measuring 54cms. He was such a big, beautiful boy. It made him seem older than he was!

He looked at us so intensely the moment he was born; it was breathtaking. We could feel that he was a calm soul, as suspected during the pregnancy.

The pregnancy itself was a dream. Quinn was a much wanted baby and we enjoyed every minute of watching him grow. The whole family was waiting in anticipation!

When he was born he looked like mum with all his hair but we soon found out he looked like his dad with a hat on!

Quinn lived two wonderful days with us and two more days in NICU before he passed away of OTC Deficiency.

He is our firstborn and made us parents. He is part of us and lives with us forever. We are broken without him but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Every beautiful thing in the world has your name written on it now.

We love you forever Joaquim. Our Quinn, our lionheart, our precious son.

Mummy and daddy x

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