Jenny Greene

Jenny Greene
How can I describe you, Jen? You are the most positive, determined, adventurous and
courageous person I know. You’re a born fighter, who loves every second of life and relishes
and seizes every challenge. Whenever we meet, you overwhelm me with all the wonderful
things you’re planning to do. The only thing that can ever stop you from making all your dreams
come true is time. You were born to fly.
You are also one of the nicest and funniest people I know. I’ve seen many times the impression you
make on others – instantly winning them over with your sharp wit and immense warmth. You
glow from the inside and your presence lights up a room.
Thank you so much for touching my life Jenny. You have made me a better person.

Total Amount Raised so far: £15,849.56

Galaxy Tribute Fund Status: Bench