Jason Sutton

Jason Sutton
I have chosen my son, Jason, for the Galaxy Tribute, as he was such a special little boy and still
is very special. I have so many happy memories of him. He was so brave throughout his short
life. Jason was diagnosed with Propionic Acidaemia when he was sixteen days old. Sadly, he
died on 13 March 1998, aged six, but he didn’t let this stop him from living life to the full.
We were told that he might never walk or talk. He did all of this. He chatted for Britain; he loved
talking to people and asking them, “What you doing?”, “Where you going?”, and “Why?” He loved to
be with his brother, Karl, and sister, Louise. Jay called me Debbie, unless he wanted something,
then he’d call me Mum. But he had a funny way of saying Debbie; he seemed to echo it.
Jay was such a loving little boy and loved his cuddles. He had a smile that could get him anything,
and he was very cheeky. He loved football and watching Barney videos. He remembered all
the Barney songs.
Jay is remembered by a lot of people. They always say they remember him for his smiley face
and questions he used to ask. I always look at the sky and say, “Jay is a star”. To have a star
named after him will make this come true.
Debbie Sutton

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