Jamie-Rae Olivia Corbishley

Jamie-Rae Olivia Corbishley
Our beautiful little princess was born on October 16th 2007. She was suddenly and
unexpectedly born at home, needing to be delivered by her daddy whilst the paramedics were still
on their way. We knew she was going to be special from that moment on.
She was born happy, healthy and had a beauty that no words could give justice. As she grew
and as we saw her first smiles and giggles – we couldn’t wait to see more of her firsts. She loved
being cuddled and talked to (and tried to talk back in her own special way); she loved to
stare at lights and watch the washing machine, but best of all, she loved her bath time. She
loved to watch, and would sit as if taking the world in. I always wondered what she was thinking,
as her look was so wise!
Her first Christmas was one that we will never forget. She smiled constantly and loved helping
daddy unwrap the presents – she found the noise hysterical and seemed to love every minute.
We were so proud of our girl.
We sit here and think of how to describe her but we find it hard to explain just how perfect she
was. Jamie-Rae had the sweetest smell, a little button nose, rosebud lips that when she smiled
would make our world move, and the most amazingly big grey eyes. We had an amazing three
months with her and had no idea that there was anything wrong.
On January the 10th, Jamie-Rae fell ill, and she was admitted to HDU at the Royal Berkshire
Hospital, where she continued to baffle doctors. Three days later, she was put on a life support
machine and was transferred to PICU at the John Radcliff Hospital, where she fought so hard
and had a strength that amazed us all. Jamie-Rae was finally diagnosed with LCHAD
(Longchain 3-Hydroxyacyl-coenzyme A Dehydrogenase deficiency) and was put on the
medication and feed that could possibly help her. On her eighth day in hospital, her condition
had continued to deteriorate, and it was thought her best chance was to take her to GOSH.
Our baby girl was too tired and her heart was just not strong enough to make the journey.
Jamie-Rae fell asleep on the way there; she was three months and two days old.
Jamie-Rae had a rare love to give and managed to capture the hearts of everyone who met
her. She has taught us all so much, and many lessons are yet undiscovered. She continues to
astound us. This is why we want to start the Jamie-Rae Galaxy Tribute fund. We want to help
raise as much awareness and funding to help others like us, and hopefully somewhere,
someday, we can prevent such a precious loss happening again.
In memory of Jamie-Rae Olivia, so sweet, precious and amazing, our little angel, she is, and
always will be, our perfect little princess
In our hearts forever, Mummy and Daddy xxxx

Total Amount Raised so far: £13,005.98

Galaxy Tribute Fund Status: Star