Jack Riley Linford

Jack Riley Linford
01-08-12 ~ 29.09.14
Jack was born at 9.29am on Wednesday 1st August 2012. A very content little baby until he
found his feet and his voice, he then turned into the typical mischievous little boy. He had to touch
everything and run everywhere, walking just wasn’t an option.
His older brother, Alex (5 years), was his best friend…and worst enemy, as brothers tend to be
like. There wasn’t a day where they didn’t laugh, play, fight and cry…and usually in that order,
but nevertheless they loved each other unconditionally.
Not to forget mentioning George (curious George), Jack’s favourite teddy, who he didn’t go
anywhere without! George was like our 3rd child. He had to wear his coat and shoes whenever
we were going out, and Jack pretended to feed him at dinner time and tucked him up with him
at bedtime. He loved him so much and we had a replacement George for when one needed a
wash. He didn’t know this though.
Jack’s favourite phrase is “I don’t like that” and is used for near enough everything! Even for things
he did like when he was in one of those moods. Take this one for example…he didn’t like his
sunglasses. He certainly didn’t like anyone touching his hair. The messy out of bed look was exactly that, I
couldn’t even brush it or he would throw a paddy and say, “I don’t like brush my hair mummy
Jack sadly lost his life at two years old due to a condition called VLCAD (Very long-chain acylCoA dehydrogenase deficiency). He had a sickness bug, from which he just never recovered .
Due to the VLCAD, he had swelling on the brain. So from the nature of his death, we chose to
donate his kidneys and save another life.
We are now fundraising in every way possible in Jack’s memory and to raise awareness of this
disease, which is vital to newborns if not detected. We have started a petition to get VLCAD
onto the newborn screening programme and are using social media sites to share our story.
Laura, Simon and Alex Linford

Total Amount Raised so far: £4,639.93

Galaxy Tribute Fund Status: Star