Henry Kinsley Parr

Henry Kinsley Parr

Henry was born with a rare metabolic condition called MMA, and after four days of life, he was rushed to hospital in Manchester. For 48 hours, it was touch and go, but Henry was a fighter and he made it. After five weeks, we were able to bring Henry home and after a day or two, we found our feet and coped with the medication routine and strict diet.

As Henry grew, he developed into quite a personality. From day one, he always had his bunny, Nutbrown Hare, with him. He was very kind and wanted to be everyone’s friend. He was a chilled out little boy, who loved his friends. Henry liked to dance, shake, rattle and boogie. Above all, he loved being with his mummy and daddy and we spent all of our time with him. He was very good about taking his medication and had regular visits to the Metabolic Clinic at St. Luke’s in Bradford.

Henry was active and loved being outdoors, either feeding the ducks, playing in the park, on the swings, or in the garden. He was very excited about starting pre-school too. He had a quiet side as well and liked to watch TV and DVDs, especially Frozen and Peter Pan. He had found his voice and was so happy to see his daddy. When he came in from work, he would start to tell him about his day as soon as he came through the door. He got quite a surprise on the morning after his second birthday when he saw Granny and he was even more surprised later when he saw his new baby sister, Emily. He was a loving big brother, always giving her kisses, cuddles, and sharing his toys with her.

Henry had been put on the transplant list for a new liver but the transplant failed, so his daddy offered to donate part of his liver. Both came out of surgery and it seemed to go well before Henry had another setback. Ever the fighter, he survived but something was wrong and nothing more could be done. Henry’s grandparents were able to say goodbye, and his aunties and uncles also passed on their goodbye messages. We gave him a wash and played his favourite music with his bubble machine. Then we got him ready for bed and held him safely as he passed.

Henry wasn’t dealt the best hand in life, but he made the very most of it. He was such a happy child, who wanted to be everyone’s (even the animals’) friend. He found joy in almost anything, and had that rare gift of lighting up the room and making everyone feel better in a flash. We were only just getting to know him, but have some amazing memories of what was the happiest time of our lives: he loved sword fights and playing hide and seek; he was our personal alarm clock every morning; he loved feeding the ducks and throwing balls to dogs; he was a little mover-shaker, as well as quite the singer; he loved the outdoors, collecting sticks, splashing in muddy puddles, and watering the plants; dinosaurs and Disney were a big part of his everyday; bedtimes were the best time of day with his bath and bedtime stories. Our little hero is now free to visit the stars that he loved, and we know he’ll always be with us. Sweet dreams gorgeous boy; your mummy and daddy love you.


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