Guide to Shopping

During the coronavirus crisis, shopping for food has become more of a challenge for those who have been asked to shield and are classed as extremely vulnerable. We’re helping to explain how the different supermarkets are helping to protect the extremely vulnerable and what additional services are available to you.

If someone can do your food shopping for you, this is recommended as the first port of call by many supermarkets who have very high demand for food deliveries. If no one else can do your shopping for you, the following supermarkets are offering different solutions to accessing food.


Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh offer the delivery of food. However, due to high demand for food deliveries, their delivery availability is limited.


Aldi are offering deliveries of goods. However, they do not have all of their groceries available for purchase online but they are offering the delivery of food parcels for the extremely vulnerable. Food parcels are priced at £24.99 and offer a variety of different foods and household goods. Food parcels can be delivered the next working day if they’re available.


Asda have been given a list by the government of those on the extremely vulnerable list. If you have an Asda account, Asda will be in contact with you to inform you that you are eligible for their priority delivery slots. To be eligible for a priority delivery slot, you must have an Asda account.

If someone else can do a shop for you, you can order a volunteer card for that person. A volunteer card is a card onto which you can load money that your volunteer can use to do your shopping for you. From Asda, you can also purchase a re-usable card onto which you can regularly top up money online that your volunteer can use each week for your food shop.


The Co-op have a delivery service for all individuals in certain locations. You can order food from their online store and Deliveroo. They do not operate in all parts of the UK but in the locations that they do operate they offer same day delivery.


Iceland are offering priority delivery slots to those on the vulnerable list. To access a priority delivery slot, you must create an online account for Iceland.


M&S are offering the delivery of food boxes, which include store and household cupboard essentials. Next day delivery is also available for the most part.


Morrisons are offering the delivery of food boxes for next day delivery. The food boxes contain a variety of store cupboard ingredients as well as household essentials. They have a selection of different food boxes for different diets as well.


Sainsbury’s are offering priority delivery slots to those on the extremely vulnerable list. Sainsbury’s are contacting customers on the extremely vulnerable list to let them know about their priority delivery slots directly. For those who don’t have access to the internet, these customers can order their weekly shop over the telephone.

Sainsbury’s are offering volunteer shopping cards, which are cards where the customer can load money onto a card with which a trusted friend or family member can do shopping for the vulnerable individual. Volunteer shopping cards can be bought online and sent electronically to whoever can do the shopping for the vulnerable individual.


Tesco are offering priority delivery slots to vulnerable customers. They are contacting vulnerable customers directly to let them know about these priority delivery slots. If you have not received any contact from Tesco that you have access to priority delivery slots and believe that you are entitled to one, you can contact them on 0800 917 7359 and they can add you to their list.


Waitrose are offering priority delivery slots to extremely vulnerable customers and they are contacting those customers directly to let them know about their rights. They are advising customers to not contact their team if they have not been contacted, as they are currently receiving a high volume of calls and will be in touch in due course.

Customers can choose a click and collect option for their delivery and they can nominate a trusted friend or family member to collect their delivery for them given that the person responsible for picking up the delivery can show the order confirmation for the food shop and a piece of ID.

Gift cards are available, which vulnerable individuals can send to friends or family members to do their shopping for them.

Other Food Providers

Heinz to Home

Heinz currently have the option for you to buy a bundle of their products on their online shop, which can be delivered directly to you within two to three days.

Local Shops

A number of local shops, including butchers, green grocers and fishmongers, are offering delivery of their foods. To see if your local food shop is delivering food, please visit their website or social media pages.

Meal Delivery Services

There are many organisations who can deliver pre-prepared meals as well as recipe box ingredients to be stored in your freezer or fridge. Such providers include:



Hello Fresh

Meals on Wheels

Parsley Box

Vibrant Vegan Company

Wiltshire Farm Foods

Other food delivery services such as Just Eat, Deliveroo and Uber Eats are still operating and delivering foods from a number of takeaway establishments in your local area. Uber Eats and Deliveroo are offering the delivery of some supermarket goods. To see which supermarkets are offering delivery of foods with either of these providers, search for takeaways in your local area on these sites.

Soil Association

The Soil Association list a number of organic food providers in your local area, including those who can deliver fruit and vegetable boxes and other products.

Other Support

Local Authority

If you cannot get access to any food due to shielding, your Local Authority should be able to provide you with an emergency food package until you can access food via an online delivery or recruit a volunteer to help with your shopping. You must contact your Local Authority directly or visit their website to see how you can receive this support.

Local Support Groups

Many local support groups have been established to help support local people with many things, including shopping. You may have had a leaflet through your door about your local support group or you can find your local support group by doing a Facebook search or searching here:

NHS Volunteer Responder Support Service

The NHS has set up a volunteer responder support service for communities across the UK to provide support to vulnerable people who need to shield or self-isolate because of coronavirus. Volunteers can deliver shopping to you if you need. You can access their services here:

Pharmacies and Prescribed Foods

If you have foods that you collect on prescription, you can organise for these to be delivered to your home address by calling your pharmacy and asking if they can allocate a volunteer to deliver your prescribed foods or you can nominate a family member or friend to collect these for you.

Trussell Food Bank

Trussell Food Bank offer food parcels to people who cannot afford food. If you can afford food but can’t get access to food, please don’t contact Trussell Food Bank, as their food parcels are reserved for people who cannot afford food. If you can afford food but cannot access it, please contact your Local Authority who should be able to arrange for an emergency food parcel to be sent to you.

If you need any more support or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on or 0845 241 2173.