FUNDRAISING: A Metabolic Mile for Oscar

Here at Metabolic Support UK, we are blessed to have some wonderful supporters. During Metabolic Disorders Awareness Week 2018, we launched our Metabolic Mile campaign. We were amazed by how many of you took on a Metabolic Mile to show support and solidarity

Sam Marshall and John Burniston. Credit: John Burniston.

for families and patients living with Inherited Metabolic Disorders. One couple, Sam Marshall and John Burniston, even decided to organise a Metabolic Mile fundraiser!


Sam and John’s Metabolic Mile fundraiser took place on Sunday 19th August 2018 in their hometown, Barnoldswick (Lancashire). They did their fundraiser in honour of their son, Oscar, who is bravely living with MCADD. Maggie, our Marketing and Fundraising Assistant caught up with John, to hear how it all went!


“Hi Maggie,


I just wanted to let you know about our event on Sunday. It was a huge success and we received an amazing amount of support from our friends, family and the local community. We had a really good turnout for the walk, despite the weather! Around 80 people took part in the walk, with more people joining us for the rest of the day.

Metabolic Mile Walk. Credit: John Burniston.

After the walk, we had a kids’ treasure hunt in the grounds of the club, where the kids had to find some painted stones, which had pictures of different cartoon characters. Various clues helped the kids find the stones. Underneath each stone there was a letter, which when combined with all the other letters would reveal a hidden message.

After the treasure hunt, Tanya (a newly appointed Community Ambassador) gave a speech about Metabolic Support UK and explained the reasons we were doing the fundraising. We feel this achieved our aim of raising awareness about Inherited Metabolic Disorders and we had a lot of positive comments and questions about the patient organisation and particularly about Oscar’s condition.

This speech was followed by the pre-recorded horse races and the auction race, where a lot of individuals were very generous with their bids, which gave our total a good boost.

Next came the huge raffle where we had over 60 amazing prizes, which were all donated by local businesses, along with some items people wanted to donate to help us with our raffle. A few items were quite expensive. So, we decided to auction these off. These items included a photoshoot plus digital prints worth £500, a Bluetooth speaker system, a day’s use of a chauffeur driven Rolls Royce Ghost, a voucher for alloy wheel refurbishment or bodywork worth £140, and a quality bicycle light system worth over £150. These items were sold successfully and raised a healthy amount to go in the pot.

Treasure Hunt Stones! Credit: John Burniston.

Lastly, Sam’s uncle kindly offered to close the afternoon by singing a few songs for us.

All in all, it was a very successful event, and everybody said it was a really good day for the kids, as well as the grown-ups!! We believe we have £2,900, as it stands, with more money coming in!

We have left some wristbands on sale with the bar, as they were happy to support the cause and to continue to sell these to their customers for us.

Thank you for your help in supporting us and helping us make this event such a success. We will continue to do more in the future too!




The Metabolic Mile Fundraiser team with Tanya, our new Community Ambassador.

Since the Metabolic Mile event, it has been revealed that the total amount fundraised by the couple stands at £4,107.50!!! This is thanks to the many kind donations on the day, sales of wristbands prior and post the event, and a family member completing a swim, whose employers agreed to double the amount she fundraised.


We want to thank John and Sam, as well as all those who helped support and organise this amazing day! It sounds like it was massively successful and great fun for all involved! We also want to thank Tanya Brindle, one of our new Community Ambassadors, who supported the day by doing a presentation about Metabolic Support UK. A great team effort and we can’t wait to hear what fundraiser Sam and John will organise next!


The Metabolic Mile Team! Credit: John Burniston.

If you’d like some help organising a fundraiser like Sam and John, please get in touch with Maggie on or 0845 241 2173.


Equally, if you’d like to become a Community Ambassador like Tanya, please click here or email Julie on


Fundraising total correct to our knowledge at time of publishing.