Fundraise for us

Holding a fundraising event or taking part in a challenge is a fantastic way to support Metabolic Support UK, as well as the chance to meet new people and experience the challenge of a lifetime.

From wing-walking to mud runs, baking to swishing, our incredible supporters do amazing things every year to raise money for Metabolic Support UK.

Don’t forget to tell us all about your event; we love to hear what our supporters are up to and we will be with you all the way! We can send materials to help with your event, promote your event or challenge, and can also feature your story on our blog and social media channels!

Why not invite your friends to join you? Fundraising with friends increases the fun that you have and the money that you raise!

On this page, we’ll update you with lots of fundraising information and resources but if you’re looking for further inspiration or advice, please contact us on 0845 241 2173.

Sporting Challenges
We are Golden Bond Holders for the iconic London Marathon and have a limited number of places available.

If you’re looking for inspiration with which sporting challenge to take on, click here or the image below to see some of the best sporting challenges happening across the UK and further afield!

Wherever you live there will be plenty of events and challenges available with which to get involved, just let us know what you are doing and we will send you a Metabolic Support UK fundraising pack to help you promote your participation.

If you would like any help with finding an event in your area, please get in touch!

Fundraise Online
The easiest way to receive sponsorship or donations for your event is by setting up an online fundraising page.

Any funds donated to your online fundraising page will come directly to Metabolic Support UK via our payment partner, Charity Checkout, which saves you the hassle of chasing your sponsors after the event for their donation!

You can personalise your page to make it stand out from the crowd, tell everyone why you are fundraising for Metabolic Support UK and how important their support is.  The more you make it your own, the more compelled people will be to support you, and watching your donations grow can be a huge motivator! Don’t forget to add at least one photo to your page. Research shows that just by adding your photo, fundraisers tend to raise 14% more!

Once your page is set up, share it with your friends, family and colleagues – you’re doing something amazing that’s worth shouting about!

Fundraising on Facebook
You can raise money for Metabolic Support UK on Facebook. Whether you are taking part in a sponsored challenge, or want to ask your friends to make a donation in celebration of your birthday, setting up a Facebook Fundraiser is very easy to do and is a great way of raising funds and awareness for Metabolic Support UK.

To set up your Fundraiser, go to the Metabolic Support UK Facebook Page and follow the below steps:

  • Click on ‘Fundraisers’ at the top of the page on the mobile app (or the left hand side of the page on a computer);
  • Click on ‘Raise Money’;
  • Complete the details and choose a photo;
  • Click ‘Create’ and share your fundraiser with all of your friends and family!