Finley Jon Rezazadeh

Finley Jon Rezazadeh
22nd February 2010 – 21st June 2010
Finley Jon Rezazadeh was born on 22nd February 2010, four weeks early and diagnosed with
Zellweger Syndrome.
We learnt during the pregnancy that Finley was likely to be born with this condition, which
meant we were able to focus on enjoying the time we had with him.
He sadly passed away four months later on 21st June 2010, but not before his little personality
blossomed and enriched our lives, giving us some lovely memories. We have since dedicated
our energies towards helping the various charities that offered us help and support during his
short life.
We wanted to set up the Galaxy Tribute fund as a memory to our gorgeous little boy, who
touched the hearts of so many people, and to contribute towards the valuable work that
Metabolic Support UK carries out. Finley will always be remembered as our little shooting star, shining brightly
for his short life and thereafter.
Eleanor and Adam

Total Amount Raised so far: £5,391.89

Galaxy Tribute Fund Status: