Emily May Taylor

Emily May Taylor
Emily was born in the early hours of a snowy morning on 28 December 2005. She was a happy and
content baby, who filled our lives with joy. As she grew, so did her personality. She was funny,
very mischievous and always up to something.
At five months, she started to have seizures. These became prolonged and uncontrolled. Yet
Emily always bounced back and had a cheeky smile. There were numerous times she was
found taking vegetables from the rack in the kitchen, flowers from the garden and any toy her
sister, Hannah, had, over whom Emily was most definitely the boss!
In November 2006, aged ten months, Emily had a prolonged fit from which she never
recovered. She died on 7 November 2006 in ICU (Intensive Care Unit) at Sheffield Children’s
This tribute is to celebrate the happiness, humour and love she brought.
She was, and always will be, our shining star.
Alan, Jeanette and Hannah Taylor

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