Chloe Antalya Hargreaves-Wood

Chloe Antalya Hargreaves-Wood

Chloe was born on 28 November 2005, our first child, who instantly brought warmth to our hearts
on what was a very cold night! Over the next few months, she would always be the centre of
attention, providing many joyful, loving moments.
Apart from the constant weight gain worries, Chloe was as healthy as you could have wished
until the fateful day of diagnosis with Gangliosidoses (GM1), which came as a huge shock. Two
days after taking her for her eight-month check, we were at the Willink Biochemical Genetics
Unit in Manchester for the devastating news.
Over the next few months, we enjoyed our daughter regardless and cared for her as best we
possibly could. We enjoyed two trips to Portugal for holidays, the latest with Chloe’s new sister,
Ebony, born on 15 August 2007. We attended many races and car rallies; went on walks by the
lake at Windermere; and had all kinds of fun.
But as they say, “all good things must come to an end”, the GM1 kept tightening its grip,
causing severe disablement for our precious Chloe with seizures etc. really taking hold.
However, Chloe did remain feeding normally (Infantrini special milk, Angel Delight or porridge,
which she loved mixed together!), which I believe is fairly unusual.
After tea on 18 February 2008, we gave her lots of cuddles as usual and put Chloe to bed. I
checked her on and off all night, the last time being 4.00 am on 19th. When I went to get Chloe
up for her breakfast, I realised she had passed away (the doctor thought about 6.30 am); our
angel had returned to the fold.
We loved life with Chloe Antalya and if there had been a cure or treatment we could have
enjoyed her for life rather than two years and three months. Please help cure these awful
Love you forever, Chloe.

Mummy, Daddy, Ebony Lois and Claude the cat.

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Face of an Angel

A little princess was born on 28 November. She brought lots of happiness and love.
Our little ray of sunshine, Chloe Antalya, was sent from up above.
She touched the hearts of many and changed our lives for good.
Chloe loved the outdoors, listening to the birds and feeding the ducks.
She generally loved everything and was always in a happy mood. Eating her ice cream, she
was a mucky pup.
We all loved to spoil our angel but Chloe never seemed to mind.
It was known that her life was to be short, for soon God would call upon our angel.
But it still does not make it easier and seems really unkind.
Chloe was brought to us for a reason and has served a great purpose for all in her life.
We all had lots of laughs and great cuddles, which were always very nice.
Now our face of an angel was called upon by Heaven and is now at peace but not sleeping
Rest gentle now, our ‘Chloe Boo’, there is no pain for you are now an angel in your peaceful
Auntie Mary-Ann