Breath Testing for Ammonia Levels instead of Blood Tests

Last month saw the 1st birthday of BreathDX a UK company driving the design and development a system to measure ammonia levels in IEM patients from their breath rather than blood.

Thanks to the help from the CLIMB community BreathDX now have over £1m from UK funding bodies to develop and bring the AmBeR IEM breath measurement product to market.

Professor Tony Killard Chief Technology Officer with BreathDX said ‘we aim to alleviate some of the day to day challenges for IEM patients and their families to provide a simple breath test that measures and tracks their ammonia levels. We are excited to have a pathway set out where we can now clinically evaluate it and ultimately produce a device suited to use at home’.

November 2015 saw the start of a single centre prototype evaluation study. A multicenter study kicks off in April 2016.

Des McCluskey General Manager of BreathDX told us ‘we’ll keep the CLIMB community updated as we go. There are still some hurdles to overcome and we will continue to ask the CLIMB community for further feedback to ensure we develop the correct solution. As it stands, the future is extremely promising for us all to work together and make a real impact on IEM patient care.’

Climb is delighted to be a part of this innovative project. We are thrilled that our families have really come together to express such strong views on how much of a positive difference the development of such a technology would make to the management of UCD’s. We too would like to thank the families who have shared their personal thoughts and experiences to help with this project. As always, they have been extremely valued and they really help to give all those involved a unique and important insight into what it’s like to live with a rare disease. We’d like to also express our gratitude to BreathDX for ensuring our families are kept up to date with new developments and we look forward to continue to be involved as this project moves forward.