A – Z of Fundraising Ideas: H

Continuing our blog series of fundraising ideas, today is brought to you by the letter H!

Whether you’re a first time or regular fundraiser, we all need a little inspiration sometimes. So, to give you a helping hand, we’re putting all of our favourite fundraising ideas together in a handy series of blog posts!

Horse Riders’ Swap Shop– If you love horses and are a keen horse rider, organise an event at your riding club to include refreshments and a little shop for other horse riders to sell off their old gear for donations to charity.

Hog Roast – Make an event out of doing a good old hog roast dinner and invite friends to join you for it! You could also hold a raffle or an auction of promises to raise more money.

Hawaiian Party – Think beach, cocktails and some groovy Hawaiian shirts, and invite friends around for a Hawaiian themed night! After that, you only need to get the cocktail masterclasses underway and the barbecue piping hot to make it a fun event for charity.

Hobby Horse Racing Competition – If you’re a trained horse rider or not, you can now partake in hobby horse racing! Charge entrance fees for race participants and see who will be crowned victorious! It’s needless to say that you might have a good few laughs along the way too!

Hiking Challenge – Challenge yourself to climb one of the biggest peaks in the country, or several of them! Dust off your walking boots and get sponsored to take on a hiking challenge.

Head Shave – Have you got a beloved head of hair that you wouldn’t want to part with? Mention this when asking people to sponsor you to shave your head! Set yourself a sponsorship target and start getting those donations in.

Halloween Party – Have a do to celebrate all things scary with Halloween games, such as apple bobbing, “wrap the Mummy” and have a spooky storytelling time! Encourage people to donate when attending your event and raise awareness about your charity.

Housewarming Party – Host a party to warm your new house but also take this as an opportunity to ask people to donate to a cause that you’re passionate about. Consider holding an auction of promises to encourage further donations at your do.

Some of these activities are great as stand-alone events, and some can be run together to support a bigger event.

We hope this post has given you some food for thought! All of your fundraising is very much appreciated and helps us to continue our vital work to raise awareness and provide bespoke support to those affected by Inherited Metabolic Disorders.

If you have any activities planned, we would love to hear about them. Please get in touch with our Marketing and Fundraising Officer, Maggie, on margaret@metabolicsupportuk.org or 0845 241 2173, and we will support and promote your activities as much as we can!