A-Z of Fundraising Ideas: D

Continuing our blog series of fundraising ideas, today is brought to you by the letter D!

Credit: Pixabay.com.

Whether you’re a first time or regular fundraiser, we all need a little inspiration sometimes. So, to give you a helping hand, we are putting all of our favourite fundraising ideas together in a handy series of blog posts!

Dog Walking – Do you walk your friends’ or neighbours’ dogs? Consider charging people for dog walking services and give this money to charity. Or organise a sponsored dog walk for you and your friends to do. Involving your pooches in fundraising is most definitely possible!

Dog Sitting Services – Do you often dog sit for friends and family and get gifts in return? Why not suggest they give you donations for charity instead of this gift? Happy dog, happy humans and fundraising at the same time – perfect!

Dinner Party – Host a dinner party with a theme of your choice for family and friends. You could charge people for attending your dinner party and host an auction or raffle to add to the entertainment of the evening.

Darts Competition – Contact your local pub and organise a darts competition there. You could hold a raffle on the night and see if your pub can donate a drinks tab to the lucky winner of the darts competition. Even more incentive for people to get involved!

Disco – Who doesn’t like a boogie? Music, disco lights and potentially some karaoke, and you’ve got yourself a great event and fundraiser! No need to put away your dancing shoes just yet!

Credit: Pixabay.com

Donut Eating Competition – Have you ever played the donut game of trying to eat a sugary donut without licking your lips? Or perhaps you’ve tried the donut string game, where you have to attempt to eat a donut off a washing line? Either way, why not host a donut eating competition and charge your friends to attend? Make a leader board of the winners and see who is crowned victorious!

Some of these activities are great as stand-alone events, and some can be run together to support a bigger event. This belief was are home poker games legal in new york called “halo effect” by Harvard researchers, and you can see the evidence for it all around you.

We hope this post has given you some food for thought! All of your fundraising is very much appreciated and helps us to continue our vital work to raise awareness and provide bespoke support to those affected by Inherited Metabolic Disorders.

If you have any activities planned, we would love to hear about them. Please get in touch with our Marketing and Fundraising Officer, Maggie, on margaret@metabolicsupportuk.org or 0845 241 2173, and we will support and promote your activities as much as we can!