10:4 Baking Challenge

10:4 Baking Challenge – Information and Sign up

This year, to celebrate our 40th anniversary and Metabolic Disorders Awareness Week, we are launching the 10:4 Baking Challenge as a way of raising both awareness and funding to help us continue to support those living with Inherited Metabolic Disorders. The challenge will run for 4 weeks through July with a new baking challenge each week.

The challenge will kick off on Monday 5th July and run for 4 weeks allowing you to try out all 4 challenges or just pick your favourites. Whatever you decide, we challenge you to move out of your comfort zone. Whether that be trying a new recipe, a new decorating technique or simply joining this challenge and having a go. This is a challenge after all!

Week 1: 10 Biscuits

In week 1, the challenge is to create 10 biscuits. The types of biscuits you bake or if you choose to decorate is completely up to you. The only rule is there must be 10 in total.

Week 2: 10 Cupcakes

For week 2, we challenge you to bake 10 cupcakes. They can be any type of cupcake and decorated however you like. So, whether you choose to bake your favourite flavour, perhaps the favourite of a loved one, or go half and half,  it is completely up to you as long as there are 10 cupcakes in total.

Week 3: 10 Cake Pops

In week 3, we challenge you to make 10 cake pops. Once again, you can choose any flavour of cake and decorate them in any shape, size, and decoration of your choice. But like the two previous weeks, there must be 10 in total.

Week 4: Showstopper

For the final week, we are going out with a bang, and we challenge you to create a showstopper! This week you can bake anything. Whether that be a tart, cheesecake, tiered cake, or doughnuts – it is completely up to you. The only rule this week is that the number 10 must be incorporated in some way. This could be in the decoration, shape, or quantity, so get creative!

As it is the final week, we will be picking our favourite showstopper who will win a £20 Amazon voucher!! So, make sure you get involved and share your creations with us. You can use the hashtag #MSUKTen4challenge across our social media platforms to share your bakes and to help us spread the word about the challenge.

As you bake, also nominate 4 others who would you think would like to get involved and we suggest making a donation £4 to help us continue to support those living with Inherited Metabolic Disorders.

To donate, please follow the link here to our JustGiving page.

Steps to starting the challenge:

  1. Complete the form below to sign-up to the challenge to receive new ideas and information about the challenge each week.
  2. Donate £4 to Metabolic Support UK. The challenge is free to take part but we are suggesting a recommended donation of £4 to help us continue to support those living with Inherited Metabolic Disorders. You can donate here.
  3. Bake!
  4. Share your creations with us on social media by using the hashtag #MSUKTen4challenge and tagging Metabolic Support UK in your posts.
  5. Nominate four others to get involved in the challenge!


10:4 Baking Challenge

We can’t wait to see your 10:4 challenge creations!